Who are you?

I’m Muhsin. Those who know me know. I am a Marxist-Leninist and internationalist. I most closely follow the politics of Turkey, Britain, and the US, but am always looking to make contacts from any country and deepen my knowledge of popular struggles, particularly national liberation struggles.

Why do you have a picture of Stalin?

I defend Stalin in his historical context. I think Marxist-Leninists began to lose some of our dialectical core even before Lenin’s death. But after Stalin’s death, socialist construction was reversed by Khrushchev. Also, Stalin defeated Hitler. What have you done?

What about Trotsky, Mao, and Hoxha?

Trotsky and his followers have never achieved anything, and the Fourth International failed to justify its own existence. I am somewhat positive on Mao, but obviously not the “Three Worlds Theory”, and domestically I hold that things went deeply wrong with the Cultural Revolution. Mao didn’t understand sublation. I like Enver Hoxha but I think he had an ultra-left streak. And dogmatic Hoxhaism gets you nowhere these days. Dialectics is what gets you places.

Dialectics, eh? Like the Scientology thing?

Dialectics is a crucial part of Marxism. Depending on how you like your dialectics fed to you, you could go with Dialectics for Kids, or go straight for the Engels.

Why name your blog “Old Relations Collapse”?

The title of this blog comes from an English translation of the work “Anarchism or Socialism” (the translation being credited to “Foreign Languages Publishing House, Moscow, 1954”), wherein Stalin quotes Marx as saying:

“Everything in the world is in motion. … Life changes, productive forces grow, old relations collapse.”

By consulting the German translation of “Anarchism or Socialism?” and the German original of “the Poverty of Philosophy”, a “fuller” translation of the Marx quote in question reveals itself:

“All that exists, all that lives on land and under water, exists and lives only by some kind of movement.


There is a continual movement of growth in productive forces, of destruction in social relations, of formation in ideas; the only immutable thing is the abstraction of movement – mors immortalis.”

But “Old Relations Collapse” is clearly a better blog title, so there you have it.

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