Lumumba’s campaign an opportunity for the left in the South

The Forge

By Muhsin Yorulmaz

On May 2nd, the people of Jackson, Mississippi will vote in the primaries for the mayoral candidate for their city.

Thanks to the duopoly system – to which people in the US are so accustomed as to often forget it is there – it is already expected that whoever wins the Democratic primary will be elected mayor. The majority Afro-American voter population will almost certainly vote against the Republican party’s candidate, and third party candidates are effectively excluded from discourse in all but the most exceptional circumstances.

One of these candidates, Chokwe Antar Lumumba, stands out because of his unusual background. Lumumba’s father, also named Chokwe Lumumba, could be characterized as a sort of Black nationalist carpetbagger, who moved to Jackson, Mississippi to organize the population around the slogan of “free the land”, a reference to reparations in the form of land understand through a lens…

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