I had originally intended to write a post entitled “the Dialectics of Gender”, which is indeed an important topic. I am, however, not necessarily the most qualified to write on it.

In general, I had intended to write about feminism and transgender issues because of certain otherwise positive trends taking what I found to be a problematic stance on these matters.

The act of writing the first piece I wrote, about feminism and nationalism, ended up being part of the quantitative buildup to a certain qualitative change in some organisational work I had been involved in, and the desired discussions are now taking place. It is my hope that this qualitative change will result in a greater quantity of theoretical output by a greater quantity of people, several of whom are more qualified than me to write on issues of gender.

The point, however, is that going forward, due to the objective conditions and the growth in the level of organisation of political subjects with which I am involved, my theoretical interventions are taking place increasingly off of this blog, which will become more personal (for now I am thinking pieces like “Missing Istanbul”, or perhaps film reviews, maybe later things which are technically theoretical-political but of interest to me and less so to publications that will take me). I will also be posting here as things I write for various publications are published, or when things of importance are published by groups I am interested in or intervening in.

For anyone stumbling across this by Google, I do encourage you to get in touch with me over anything I’ve said or done or posted of interest. The contradictions are sharpening, the dynamics are in motion, it’s time for us to struggle more in unity and unite more in struggle.



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