An Open Letter to Jill Stein on Behalf of the Kurdish People

Dear Dr. Jill Stein,

In light of the failure of the Sanders campaign, which has exposed more than ever before the Democratic Party’s hatred of even the most reasonable demands of their own voters, people in the United States are listening to you more than ever before. The fact that a frenzied media campaign has been launched against you (as a cypher for all those dare to speak truth to power in the United States) is only proof that the elite in the United States fear what your campaign represents.

In light of this, Dr. Stein, I would like to implore you to speak out in defence of the Kurdish Liberation Movement, which is fighting against ISIS in Syria, which is fighting against the fascist Erdo─čan regime in Turkey, and which struggles in cooperation with other progressive forces on the ground against oppression and exploitation, against patriarchy, and against our alienation from our environment.

Speaking out in defence of the Kurdish people and their revolutionary leadership against the Turkish regime (whose fascist character was encouraged and funded by the CIA during the Cold War against the threat of the socialist movement in Turkey) is the right thing to do, as UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has long known. But it is not only Jeremy Corbyn, who is famous in Britain for his support for real liberation of peoples in the Middle East, who stands by this demand. The British Green Party likewise recognises the righteous demands of the Kurdish people and the heroic struggle of their revolutionary leadership, who are criminalised by the Turkish regime and its allies.


The Turkish Greens and the Left Party of the Future likewise works together with progressive and democratic forces in Turkey (including the Kurdish Liberation Movement) as part of the HDK/HDP in the struggle for a peaceful resolution to the Kurdish conflict in Turkey, and speaks out in defence of the Kurdish people defending themselves against ISIS terrorism in Syria. They, like the rest of the democratic forces in Turkey comprised by the HDK/HDP, refuse to remain silent in the face of the Turkish state’s attempts to suffocate the Kurdish people’s resistance, which grows organically from the masses, in the neighbourhoods, from the women, and springs into action to build a new life for the people, in a region on the brink of sliding into medieval patriarchy and death. The Kurdish Liberation Movement and their allies are struggling against forces armed and funded by the Democratic and Republican mis-leadership of your country, which you also struggle against.

Please, Dr. Stein, take this opportunity to loudly and proudly proclaim your solidarity with the organic resistance of the Kurdish people and the progressive forces in Turkey and Syria which struggle alongside them. Show your own people that there is an alternative to US state-backed management of the world’s affairs (as represented by Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and the repressive and conservative Barzani regime), and that they too can struggle at a grassroots level to build up a movement for real change for the future of our shared planet and humanity, as the Kurdish people are doing, in spite of massive forces aligned against their will to struggle.

Please, Dr. Stein, take this opportunity to show the Kurdish people that there are people in the US who do not view their struggle with a disinterested eye for cold geopolitical manoeuvring, as the Democrats and Republicans do, but with a real and human compassion and belief in a common future. Please help the Kurds in the United States, who so often feel lost and alienated in a country where the name of their nation is only newly recognised, to connect with progressives like yourself in common struggle.

I know that many citizens of the US feel that your campaign gives them a voice in a country where corporate media conspires to silence them. Help give voice to the voiceless in Kurdistan, and help us to bring together the voices of all people in a cry for a future where people, and not profits, dictates our politics. Help us to fight for a new civilisation based on hope, love, and mutual respect, and not fear.

In struggle,
Muhsin Yorulmaz