Apologies to my few readers for delays in updating, I have been having technical issues with this site.

Nonetheless, I wanted to share this bit of propaganda from the US ICOR affiliate ROL on the current situation, after Sanders, which I think is a worthy piece and which can be used to start conversations with US leftists about where to go from here in the current climate.

I hope that any readers, particularly in the US, will read this and let me know their thoughts, including criticisms, in the comments, as I am very interested in the prospects for struggle in the chief imperialist power in the world today.

In struggle,
Muhsin Y.


2 thoughts on “ROL: Bernie Sanders Has Taught WALL STREET HAS RIGGED THE SYSTEM!

  1. Excellent analysis! A break from the Democrats is possible, and we must do all that we can to achieve it. However, we need to be sure to combine such activities with militant anti-Trump work, especially to refute charges of “spoiling” and letting the greater evils win. Gain as much support as we can, form an American HDP, confront and expose Clinton, drive off Trump, that is what needs to be done. Of course, the question is how. Protests at the DNC are definitely a great place to start. What worries me, though, is the inadequacy of the U.S. left to organize something like this without either squabbling with each other, hijacking it for their own ends, being sectarian and isolating themselves from it, or driving people away with relentless newspaper selling. Still, outside of the organized U.S. left, there are some great and capable people, and lacking the baggage of the U.S. left, can organize a split, build a mass left-wing third party of some sort, and work for a revival of mass working class politics here. Have faith in the masses.

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