Confessions of a (Real) Socialist by Cindy Sheehan


As retrieved from Cindy Sheehan’s Soapbox:

After all these years, I am surprised that I can still be surprised.

What am I surprised about? I am surprised that anyone who really knows me and knows my dozen years of public activism would expect me to support an imperialist politician and be themselves surprised that I don’t.

What does being a socialist have to do with this?

First of all, I call myself an “organic socialist.” I was not a “red diaper baby” and I don’t come from a radical family or community. In fact, I grew up in the height of the Cold War and very negative views about socialism were inculcated in me. I was indoctrinated with the Pledge and intimidated by regular nuclear drills that had us Budding Patriots diving under our desks just in case the Red Menace decided to drop an a-bomb on Bellflower.

Secondly, as an organic socialist, even though I have now done study on scientific socialism, I see socialism as just pure common sense and caring for society (see how similar the words are?). What is best for 100% of humans, not just 1%? When I am accused of “envying the wealthy,” my response is, “I don’t want to be like the rich, I want them to be like us.”

I was harshly ridiculed and reviled in 2008 when I didn’t support the imperialist Obama. Now, while many of Obama’s 2008 rabid fan club can now see that his regime has been a complement to the Bush regime and can readily recognize the same flaws in Hillary Clinton, they refuse to acknowledge factual arguments in my opposition to the Sanders’ candidacy.

As far as I can see, he had one good vote among many that were right up the imperialist’s alley. I am not going to make a laundry list here, but this is an excellent summary from the facetiously named Facebook page, Bernie Barry Bush.

What disheartens me about all of the Sanders mania is the chauvinistic character of it. Sure, Sanders is promoting some solid reforms on the domestic side, but still promoting imperialism on the global side. As you can see in the above link, he is consistently for a bloated Pentagon budget which shows how little regard he has for the people of the planet that are being repressed, oppressed, murdered, tortured, imprisoned, and/or displaced, etc, by The Empire™, or its “friends” (especially Israel).

True socialism is not imperialist and stands against invasions of sovereignty and stands in solidarity with people resisting oppression and occupation. True socialism cares for 100% of the people on this planet, not just the small minority of the seemingly entitled humans here in the USA.

True socialism cares about the planet and is against the destruction of it and of its life. The Empire™ is the largest exploiter of its resources and polluter of its essential life-support systems.

True socialism strives to not only create healthy communities, work-places and environments, but to also look outside of our own communities and work-places and desire healthy human rights and peace for everyone. E.g, Sanders has said that he would be comfortable using drone bombing to “combat terror” and when I first came out strongly against Obama’s favorite weapon of terror three days after he was inaugurated in 2009, many “liberals” wrote me saying, “what are you crazy? If Bush had used drones in Iraq, your son would still be alive.” This argument angers me, because A). No one knows what could have happened; and B). Although, as his mother, Casey was my primary concern, I also mourn each innocent’s death.

True socialism knows that every person on this planet has the same existential right—not just selfish USAians.

I believe that the biggest disappointment to me around the Sanders campaign is that its success is evidence that there is little anti-imperial sentiment in the US and that during the Obama regime, “Humanitarian war,” which is the most blatant oxymoron ever, has become acceptable.

It’s my opinion that if people were truly antiwar, or anti-Empire, there are many other candidates to support if one thinks that is effective.

Look, I am not campaigning against Sanders (for the record, I am also not a Clinton or any Republican supporter–I wish I didn’t have to say that, but I will be accused of it), I am campaigning against what the USA stands for and is about, but it’s time for the supporters of Sanders to acknowledge his aggressive stances and votes and stop trying to run away from, or soft-pedal his record. It speaks for itself. It’s hunky-dory to support Sanders, but support of Sanders means one also by extension supports imperialism.

In this capitalist-imperialist, rotten Empire, there is no such thing as “holding his feet to the fire” and if the Obama-mania and resultant expansion of Empire didn’t convince people, what will?

What will?

[1991] Supported genocidal sanctions against the people of Iraq

[1993] Voted for the invasion of Somalia

[1996] Voted for sanctions against Iran and Libya in order to prevent the two countries from developing ‘petroleum resources’

[1997] Voted to urge the president to illegally recognize Jerusalem as the ‘undivided capital of Israel’

[1998] Voted to endorse regime change operations against Iraq

[1999] Voted for the NATO assault on Yugoslavia:

[2001] Voted for the so-called ‘War on Terror’

[2001] Voted to extend and toughen sanctions against Iran and Libya

[2003] Voted for a resolution ‘Expressing the Support and Appreciation of the Nation for the President and the Members of the Armed Forces Who are Participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom’

[2003] Cosponsored a bill authorizing sanctions against Syria for supporting Hezbollah and the PFLP

[2006] Cosponsored a bill authorizing regime change operations and sanctions against Iran

[2006] Voted for the so-called ‘Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act’

[2006] Voted to endorse Israel’s brutal onslaught against Lebanon

[2008] Cosponsored a resolution “reaffirming the bonds of close friendship and cooperation between the United States and Israel”

[2009] Cosponsored a resolution for the purpose of strengthening USAID, a CIA front organization

[2011] Cosponsored a resolution authorizing NATO’s decimation of Libya

[2012] Voted for the ‘United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act’

[2014] Did not object to the passage of a bill by unanimous consent to wage a massive propaganda campaign in support of the fascist regime in Ukraine

[2014] ] Did not object to the passage of a resolution by unanimous consent in support of Israel’s brutal assault on Gaza